Walking Outline

  • We find in 1 JO 2:6 that we should walk in the same manner as Jesus Christ walked.
  • In EPH 5:8, we are to walk like children of light.  Walk in a manner worthy of your calling; therefore, 1 JO 1:9 is not an excuse to sin.
  • Walk worthy of your calling, EPH 4:1; PHI 1:27; COL 1:11; 2:6-7.  In other words, live up to the standards found in the Word of God (W.O.G.).  Be obedient to the filling of the Holy Spirit and disobedient to the Old Sin Nature (O.S.N.).
  • 2 CO 5:7, Walk by the Word and not by sight.
  • Glorify God in your body, 1 CO 6:20.  If you’re living life controlled by the O.S.N., THEN YOU ARE NOT living in the light, and God is not glorified in your body.
  • Stand firm in the Lord, PHI 4:1.
  • Put on the full armor of God, EPH 6:11-17.  Then you will be ready to stand firm in times of trials and tribulations.