1.  We find in 1JO 2:6 that we should walk in the same manner as Jesus Christ walked.

2. In EPH 5:8 we are to walk like children of light.  Walk in a manner worthy of your calling; therefore, 1JO 1:9 is not an excuse to sin.

3. Walk worthy of your calling, EPH 4:1; PHI 1:27; COL 1:11; 2:6-7.  In other words, live up to the standards found in the W.O.G.  Be obedient to the filling of the Holy Spirit and disobedient to the old sin nature {O.S.N.}.

4.  2CO 5:7, Walk by the Word and not by sight.

5. Glorify God in your body, 1CO 6:20.  If you’re living life controlled by the O.S.N., THEN YOU ARE NOT living in the light, and God is not glorified in your body.

6.  Stand firm in the Lord, PHI 4:1.

7.  Put on the full armor of God, EPH 6:11-17.  Then you will be ready to stand firm in times of trials and tribulations.