Portfolio of Invisible Assets

•       Primary Assets:

–     Escrow Blessings for time and eternity

–     Election and Predestination

  • Secondary Assets:

–     Positive volition toward Bible Doctrine

–     Production Assets = Residence in the P3G
(Fruit of the Spirit)

–     Suffering for Blessing

–     Invisible impact blessings

a. Personal impact – blessing by association

b. Historical impact – national blessing (Pivot)

c. International impact – association with Client Nation to God

  • Personal Asset:

–     Operating in your Spiritual Gift

  • Unique Assets:

–     Baptism of the Holy Spirit

–     Pre-designed Protocol Plan of God (P3G)

–     Equal Privilege and Equal Opportunity

–     Unique Royal Commissions

–     Unique Mystery Doctrine of the Church Age

–     Indwelling of the Trinity

–        100% Availability of Divine Power