Cosmic System I & II



1.   Emphasizes arrogance; preoccupation with self 1.   Emphasizes animosity, hatred, and antagonism toward God & his plan.
2.   Target: ego, self‑ consciousness of soul. 2.   Target: truth or doctrine.
3.   Result of hit: preoccupation and obsession with self to the exclusion of God and man. 3.   Result of hit: antagonism toward Christ as the living word and Doctrine as the written word.
4.   Emphasizes self in contrast to God and objective reality. 4.   Stresses human viewpoint over Divine viewpoint
5.   Represents Satan’s attitude at the time of his prehistoric fall 5.   Represents Satan’s attitude at the time of man’s historical fall.
6.   Represents Satan’s philosophy in the prehistoric angelic conflict when he was obsessed with self in maximum arrogance. 6.   Represents Satan’s philosophy as ruler of world after fall of man.  Now he’s obsessed with destroying the plan of God as the #1 enemy of the plan of God.
7.   Believer in cosmic one assumes the arrogance of Satan before human history. 7.   Believer in cosmic two becomes inculcated with the attitude of Satan during human history.
8.   Believer is slave to self. 8.   Believer is a slave to Satan.