Spiritual Mechanics, The Four

spiritual mechanics 4The Four Spiritual Mechanics

In the design of a car, there are many parts involved that must be assembled in order for the car to be operational and functional.  There is a chassis, wheels, transmission, engine, fuel tank, etc.  Each of those separate parts is in and of themselves made up of several other parts.  When each part is put together in the proper order and assembled according to the proper design, all the parts form one unit, the car, which is operational and functional.

Likewise, to keep the car running you need a good mechanic to ensure its proper maintenance.

Living the Spiritual life is very similar.

God has provided you with a chassis, your body, which is made up of many parts, but the body alone cannot operate and perform the functions that God has designed for you without the addition of other parts.  These other parts are Spiritual parts that God has assembled and provided for you so that combined you operate and function as God intended.

And in keeping with our analogy, each of these parts comes from a mechanic, God Himself, and each in and of themselves is a mechanic of God.

All of this defines the Divine grace system for the Spiritual life of the believer, (i.e., the assembly of the moving parts of the plan of God designed to accomplish the purpose, will, and plan of God for the Church Age).

Today I am going to summarize for you, the four main parts that God has provide for you.

When combined, they establish the sum total of how the moving parts of the Spiritual life perform a complete and functional motion toward the four objectives of God’s plan for the Church Age.

The First Spiritual Mechanic is that God Provides You with Two Kinds of Power.

God’s power is optional for you to use; just as today you can buy a gas-powered car or a battery powered car.

But also like today, you should use the hybrid of the two power systems, in order to have the most efficiency in the plan of God.

The first power option available to all believers is the filling of the Holy Spirit,
in which God the Holy Spirit controls your soul
Eph 5:18

(Let’s call Him the battery.)

Eph 5:18

And do not get drunk with wine,

for that is a waste of time,

but be filled with the Spirit.”

This is the Divine energy or power that causes the plan of God to function in your life.

Until the Church Age, there was no mandate to be filled with the Spirit, because there was no indwelling of the Spirit, and subsequently there was no filling of the Spirit as we have today in the Church Age.

There was a ministry of Spirit to less than one percent of all Old Testament believers called enduement.  God the Holy Spirit was given to the human authors of the Old Testament, certain leaders and great men like Abraham, Moses, David, the Judges, and the men who built the Tabernacle and articles of furniture.

But this was not a guaranteed permanent indwelling as it is today in the Church Age. Certain sins meant that they would lose the enduement of the Holy Spirit.

Today in the Church Age, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit occurs at the moment of your salvation.

The filling of the Spirit also occurs then too, but at your first sin after salvation, you retain the indwelling of the Spirit but lose the filling of the Spirit. It’s like you have turned the ignition key to off.

You never lose the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Eph 1:13; 4:30; 2 Cor 1:22 (Sealed with the Spirit)

To regain the filling of the Holy Spirit, you just need to turn the ignition key to on by utilizing 1 John 1:9.  

1 John 1:9

“If we confess our sins,

He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins

 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Just as our gasoline has additives that clean your injection system and engine from gunk and built up residues, 1 John 1:9 cleanses your soul from the gunk and residue of sin in your life for the proper functioning of the Holy Spirit.

The second power option is the perception and metabolization of the Word of God.

(Let’s call this the gasoline.)

In order for your car to run, you must put gas in it or electricity to charge the batteries.

Your soul is the same. You need to give it fuel to run.

This begins with the Pastor-teacher teaching you the Word of God.  He is the fuel pump.

Example:  I pump gas 4+ times a week by teaching you the Word of God. Now you may be an economy car and only need a fill up once a week. But God is a God of luxury. He doesn’t make economy tin cans. He has created you as a Cadillac SUV. You are no economy car.  You need a fill up every single day. Luke 19:47

Luke 19:47

And He (Jesus Christ) taught daily in the temple.

But the chief priests and the scribes

and the chief of the people sought to destroy him.”

(Keeping with our analogy of the car. Once the fuel is poured, it needs a holding place called the fuel tank.)

If you are positive to the Word taught to you, then the Holy Spirit teaches your human spirit that Word and holds it so that it can be used at the proper time.

You have to not only fill up, but you use what you fill up with. In other words, your positive volition towards the fuel is vital.

When you first hear the Word of God, you make a decision to believe it or to not believe it. If you believe what is taught, God the Holy Spirit sends that doctrine into the stream of consciousness of your soul.

The doctrine is then broken down or metabolized and is usable for function in your soul.

1 John 2:27

But you have received the Holy Spirit,

and He lives within you,

so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true.

For the Spirit teaches you all things,

and what He teaches is true—it is not a lie.

So continue in what He has taught you,

and continue to live in Christ.”

So, we can say, “If you don’t believe it, the Spirit doesn’t teach it!”

So, now you have the two power options to convert Divine power from God the Holy Spirit and the Word of God into your soul for the function of the Spiritual life to fulfill the plan of God.

When the fuel (the filling of the Spirit and metabolized Bible doctrine) are properly used, then the moving parts of God’s power system produce motion, energy, and action (that is Spiritual advancement).

Every Church Age believer has this Spiritual life, which can only operate under Divine power.  There is no Spiritual life until you utilize these two power options.

There is no place for human power, human talent, or human works in the execution of the Spiritual life for the Church Age.

Any attempt to compromise Divine power with human works shuts down the machinery, so that the moving parts of the Spiritual life do not function. It’s like adding water to the fuel; it doesn’t work.

So, in our hybrid car system, if we just have batteries, the filling of the Spirit, we will have some movement, but it will be short lived without more fuel. And likewise, we can have all the fuel in the world, but without the battery to give it the initial charge and keep charging us as we go along, we won’t be the efficient car that God designed us to be.

The Second Spiritual Mechanic is the Function of Three Spiritual Skills.

A skill is the ability to do something well as a result of perception, application, and practice.

  • The filling of the Holy Spirit is not only the energy and the power for the Spiritual life, but it is also a Spiritual skill. (You need to know how to turn the key to start the car). You need to know how to pray in the confession of your sins.
  • Bible doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness of your soul is not only a power option, but it is also a Spiritual skill. (You need to know how to pull up to the Gas pump and how to pump in the gas.) You need to know how to take in the Word of God.

The filling of the Spirit and metabolized doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness are the basis for the formation of the third Spiritual skill.

  • You need to form the Problem-Solving Devices (PSD’s) on your soul. (In our car analogy, this would be the fuel and air filters.) The PSD’s are the application of God’s Word and promises to filter out garbage and gunk from entering into our engine. But you need to learn God’s Word in order to use God’s Word.

In other words, you need to buy the filters to use them in your car.  If you don’t buy them, the garbage and gunk of the World flows right through to your soul.

The Third Spiritual Mechanic is the Deployment of the
Eleven PSD’s in Your Soul and Their Application

  • The three Spiritual skills noted above, (Filling of the Spirit, Circulation of Doctrine, Formation of the PSD’s), result in the deployment of the Eleven PSD’s on your soul.

(This is an analogue to the fact that we need to take the filters out of the box, place them in the appropriate places and begin passing air or fuel through it.)

 Once we have learned God’s Word, we begin to apply God’s Word.

  • The Eleven PSD’s are:


The Filling of the Holy Spirit.

The Faith-Rest Drill.

Grace Orientation.

Doctrinal Orientation.

 Authority Orientation

A Personal Sense of Destiny.

Personal Love for God the Father.

Unconditional Love for All Mankind.

Sharing the Happiness of God.

Occupation with Christ.

The Eleven PSD’s only become operational as we utilize the two power options (Rebound resulting in the filling of the Holy Spirit and the intake of the Word of Godand function under the three Spiritual skills, (the filling of the Holy Spirit, the Word circulating in our soul and the formation of the 10 PSD’s).

The Fourth Spiritual Mechanic is the Execution of the
Plan of God Through the Three Stages of the Adult Spiritual Life

 (This is driving your car.)

There are four Spiritual objectives in the execution of the Plan of God.

There are two tactical objectives in the execution of the Plan of God.

There are two strategic objectives in the execution of the Plan of God.

1.)  The first Spiritual objective is also a tactical objective, and that is reaching Spiritual self-esteem which is having a personal sense of destiny for your life.  A tactical objective is the base of operation for a strategic objective.

  • Spiritual self-esteem plus self-confidence is the result of doctrine circulating in your stream of consciousness that forms the tandem PSD of love. (Personal Love for God the Father and Unconditional Love for all Mankind.)
  • Spiritual self-esteem, plus metabolized Doctrine, plus providential preventative suffering produces Spiritual autonomy.
  • Spiritual autonomy, plus cognitive independence from doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness, plus Sharing the Happiness of God, plus passing momentum testing attains the second tactical objective.

2.) The second tactical objective is Spiritual maturity.  You now have the base of operations for attaining the strategic objectives.

3.)  The first strategic objective is occupation with Christ. Having a Personal Sense of Destiny, plus growing to Spiritual maturity results in the deployment of PSD number ten, Occupation with Christ.  This requires maximum Bible doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness or cognitive invincibility.

4.)  The second strategic objective is maximum glorification of God. Occupation with Christ, plus passing evidence testing produces the second strategic objective.

At this point the believer is an invisible hero, a winner believer, a witness for the Prosecution that declares the doom of Satan and millions of fallen angels, Matt 25:31-40. The greatest people in all of history are the ordinary believers of the Church Age who learn and use the power of God. You have the greatest opportunity for greatness in history!