The 144,000 Spoken of in the Bible

144,000 Jews

These are 12,000 from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel who will be witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation.

God the Holy Spirit will seal them, by providing special protection for them during the horrific events that will occur, during the latter half of the Tribulation, (Rev 7:1-8).

They will be the final operation of achieving Mat 24:14, “spreading the Gospel throughout the entire world and then the end will come.” 

These Jews may be in our presence today, but they are in an unbelieving state and will remain that way until after the Rapture.

Then they will realize that prophecy had been fulfilled and fulfilled through Christ, and they will believe.

Whether they believe before the witness of the two witnesses during the Tribulation is speculation, but at some point, they will realize once and for all who Christ is and will become the new Paul’s and John the Baptist’s for the Tribulation remnant.

As you read Revelation, it is interesting that Chapter 7 is inserted here. It interrupts the sequence of Judgments that are taking place on the earth.

It is God’s way of giving the reader a breather, so they realize that throughout all the terrible events, God has a Plan.

He first notes the way of escape through the witness of the 144,000, Vs. 1-8, and then gives us and them hope of the eternal state in heaven with Him, Vs. 9-17.

Then in Chapter 8 the judgments pick up where they were left off in Chapter 6.

Talk about Grace!!!!!